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#let me tell you how much i admire these motherly figures. perhaps it must be because the author herself is a mother, but then again, the way she portrayed the role of a mother in the books was so beautiful and touching, it makes us all want to cry. #think about narcissa who LIED AT THE DARK LORD’S FACE just to find out if her son is alive. and she wasn’t even sure is harry was telling her the truth, but she believed him and she believed him because that was what she wanted: for her son to be safe. and do you remember when she tried to free her son from that task voldemort gave him? she swore that she would do ANYTHING, ANYTHING for her son not to fulfill that task and she doesn’t even care if she’d doing the right thing or not. #think about lily, who sacrificed HER LIFE for the sake of her son. lily who, even at the last moments of her life, thought of protecting her son. lily who, loved her son so much that her love protected him even after she passed on. #and of course, think about molly, who raised SEVEN CHILDREN and was able to raise them well, despite their financial difficulties. molly who fought by her children’s side, molly who faced voldemort’s best lieutenant to defend her only daughter. molly who lost a son to the war. molly who loved harry and hermione like her own. #THESE BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING MOTHERS. I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH HOW OVERWHELMING THEIR LOVE IS TO THEIR CHILDREN AND TO THOSE WHO ARE NOT THEIR OWN.

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What I love about this is that it’s the ‘real’ Sherlock, and while he hasn’t hidden who he really is from John in the past, this is when he’s really ADMITTING for the first time, not just telling. He’s not telling John he’s a high functioning sociopath, he’s not telling him he’s a consulting detective, he’s telling John that the man he’s chosen as his best friend is really just a junkie who has changed his drug from cocaine to action, and that is just…

too much for me.  No more Mr. Detective, just Sherlock. In this scene, to me, he’s admitting to John for the first time ever that he is human. Because he’s not indestructible, he’s not unbreakable, he’s just a human who is really really good at pretending to be.

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But! But but but!

Sam DOES follow, just not right away. Sam lives a long, prosperous, ridiculously happy life in Hobbiton with Rosie, with whom he has many children. He was mayor of Hobbiton SEVEN times until he retired at age 96, oversaw the establishment of the Shire as its own independent land, and was personally given the Star of the Dunedain by King Elessar as a gesture of friendship and love. But when Rosie passed away on Mid-Year’s day, Sam rode out from Bag End on September 22nd for the last time and finally followed Frodo to Valinor as the third and last Ringbearer to do so at the grand old age of 104.

He did exactly as Frodo asked him to. He was whole, and happy, and he enjoyed and did more than he could have ever imagined when he was a humble gardener listening in for tales of the Elves. And when he had lived out his life in peace and absolute happiness he earned his reward and followed Frodo home.


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